A Day in the Life of a WAHM

The youngest is at my ankles, Curious George is on the television, one is sitting (not so quietly) in time out and the phone is ringing. Caller ID reveals that I have got to take this call, so I scurry into another room shutting the door behind me in an attempt to minimize the less than professional ambience. Halfway through my – very important business – phone call one or all of my darling children begin knocking banging on the door asking for a snack, no wait, were they telling on each other… I think one was crying. At the other end of the room, hoping my client could not hear the chaos, I resume my – very important business – phone call. By the time I get off of the phone they of course no longer need me for anything and are all playing nicely in the living room, where, in the last five minutes they have managed to drag out every single toy from their room. It’s going to be OK (I have to tell myself this often), their quiet, and I’m going to take this opportunity to send out those invoices I’ve been meaning to send all week.

Sitting down at the computer my inbox is flashing and of course, I have to check it (there could be something important in there). Twelve emails and four responses later… the kids are sounding a bit rowdy and the clock is beaming “lunchtime”. Peanut butter and jelly, grapes, crackers and a glass of milk. Wash up, clean up, it’s time for naps. The oldest (since he no longer naps) picks out a few books, I set him up with a few coloring pages and activity sheets and I’ve got at least a good hour to get back to those invoices. Humm, I think I’ll clean the living room first. Somewhere in the middle of gathering up all those toys, it dawns on me that I didn’t switch the youngest into a diaper and he’s sure to wet those big boy pants during his nap (if he hasn’t already). I hurry in to change him… after which it takes another ten minutes to get him to lay back down. I notice some clothes on the floor and decide to take them down to the laundry, switching the loads while I’m there. It’s been about a half hour now, but that’s OK, I can achieve a lot in thirty minutes.

I tackle the invoices, check them off of my to do’s and begin my next project which consists of finalizing a proposal to a prospective client (I also need to mail out those follow up letters, decide which advertising package I’m going go with and update some information on my website). I’m able to get a decent start before the kids wake up and we get ready to go outside and play in the sprinkler (which I had promised yesterday that we would for sure do today). I cut up some watermelon for a snack and help the kids change into their swim trunks and off we go. Somehow running through the sprinkler turns into rolling through the wet grass and sixty minutes later I’ve got a crew of wet kids painted in mud, grass and sweet watermelon stickiness. I take them inside for baths and when everyone is all cleaned up and smelling nice we pile onto the couch to read a book before I need to get into the kitchen and start dinner. In between chopping and mixing and boiling I kiss a boo-boo, call to check on my shipment of inventory that should have arrived today and recite the alphabet (what seemed like a zillion times) with my four year old. Dad comes home, dinner is on the table, the evening winds down, everyone goes to bed and I head back to my computer to finish up some work. Maybe work two jobs mom is a more accurate description than work at home mom.

Side note: The Carnival of Homeschool is up today! My post from Homemade Homeschoolers is featured at number 13.

Published by Tiffanie Lloyd

I am a detail-oriented and energetic multi-tasker traveling at the side of my best friend, and momma to eight amazing kids. God has gifted me with creativity; I'm an entrepreneur, writer, and photographer with a passion for women's health, particularity in childbirth. I'm a Parenting and Childbirth Educator, Doula, Breastfeeding Counselor, and working toward certification as a Holistic Nutritionist. Thanks for stoping by! Be sure to check out my archives, and sign up for notifications about new posts!

3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a WAHM

  1. Hi Tiffanie!Oh, I remember those days!! It sounds so hectic, but I remember them with love and joy!! All the kids grown now, one far away in another state–sometimes I just long for those days!!


  2. Yeah, I was totally thinking that as I was reading…Whoever says being a Mommy isn’t the HARDEST job out there, needs a time out!Thanks for sharing. I can catch a glimpse of my life once the little man starts walking and talking!Blessings…


  3. Tiffanie, Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my devo. at the Cafe. The more I hear Papa God calling me to rest, the more I learn. The thing I’ve discovered is that I don’t even have to strive to “seek Him” for answers. He woos me to desire to find the answers…and then He brings me to them. It’s ALL His work. I am so totally amazed. Here’s another thought He’s spoken to me. I respond to His invitation. I seek Him, run to Him, love Him, because of His initiation with me. It ALL begins with HIm. I have been so totally amazed and stunned by all He has been teaching me. He has ruined me for the ordinary. Thanks for sharing your heart with me.You bless me,Julie


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