Today’s trouble

One of our more regular petitions before God is that he open our eyes to see, encounter and acknowledge him each day…
We needed to get our truck inspected; I set out to have the inspection done before heading to the library one morning. And of course… the first shop I went to ran out of stickers and sent me down the road to another… The second shop asked me to come back on Friday… At the third location, the guy who does the inspections had just left to drop a car off down the road and would “be right back.” Twenty minutes later…
I hopped out of the drivers seat and unloaded the kids. He began flipping switches and testing turn signals and we made ourselves cozy in the office. It wasn’t long before he brought me back to the car where he showed me the dash, which was dead. None of the gauges were working; a problem I had not previously experienced. We turned the engine on and off a few times and the dash came on sporadically. Before hooking the truck up for the inspection he decided to run a preliminary test, during which an engine error code was revealed.
The mechanic was generous and explained to me all of our options. He wrote the code down for me so that I could find someone to make the repairs before we underwent an official inspection (because he was sure the truck wouldn’t pass) and he didn’t charge me a dime.
I called Stephen as we drove away with our still expired sticker, and Google revealed that the problem the truck had would cost around $1000 to repair…
Not knowing where the repair money would come from, we decided to go back to the auto shop and have the guy go ahead and perform the inspection. The only real option we had was to trust God to provide a passing result, or to reveal that we needed to pursue those repairs and to then provide for us the means to do so…
As we sat in the office waiting for the results we prayed. I prayed. Brice prayed. Nevan prayed. Darci prayed. We took turns asking God to fix our car, to cause it to pass the inspection, to be glorified, to show us his provision, to allow us not to have to figure out how to pay for such a costly repair. And after we prayed together, I quietly asked him to show my kiddos how awesome he is…
The mechanic walked in the back door and asked us if we believe in miracles; the code didn’t show up and our truck passed the inspection. I told him that we definitely believe in miracles and that we spent our time praying for those results.
The kids loaded up while I paid the inspection fee and when I climbed into the drivers seat I found them thanking God for what he had done.
Driving back home that afternoon we passed a wreck on the road and I wondered if God had orchestrated the day so that we were not in the midst of that accident. I can’t be certain about why God arranged our day just so. Maybe it was to avoid that wreck. Maybe it was so that we would speak of him to that mechanic. Maybe it was to show us a piece of his greatness and to draw our hearts that much closer to his own. Maybe it was to set my heart in the right posture as I sat down not even an hour later in a meeting to discuss our budget and financial plan to become debt free prior to moving overseas… I am most confident about saying that it was for all of those reasons. 
We haven’t since had any problems with the dash and gauges not working. And because we believe that the completion of our joy comes by sharing it with others, the kids and I have shared this story with several folks. And I have been praying for more days like that one… days when our agendas are so obviously rearranged for His. Days when by His grace we are drawn to prayer and dependence rather than frustration and disappointment. Days when we praise Him for his miraculous works in a world full of coincidences. Days when we choose not to worry about tomorrow but trust Him to reconcile the troubles of today.

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Published by Tiffanie Lloyd

I am a detail-oriented and energetic multi-tasker traveling at the side of my best friend, and momma to eight amazing kids. God has gifted me with creativity; I'm an entrepreneur, writer, and photographer with a passion for women's health, particularity in childbirth. I'm a Parenting and Childbirth Educator, Doula, Breastfeeding Counselor, and working toward certification as a Holistic Nutritionist. Thanks for stoping by! Be sure to check out my archives, and sign up for notifications about new posts!

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